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COVID-19 statement

Dear Customers and Dealers, following our previous communication, we are forced – despite ourselves – to update you about the significant effects that the measures of the Italian Authorities are having on production activity of COMITTI boatyard.
Today has been announced the launch of a new Prime Minister’s Decree (D.P.C.M.) which will extend up to April 18th  (at least) the lock-down of all the non-essential productions. If the contagion were to decrease significantly, Italian Authorities hope to be able to start a gradual reopening of the companies after April 19th, beginning with the most important commodity sectors and with the production facilities where there is less concentration of people in the workplace.

In our and your interest, we undertake to constantly monitor the situation and to contact you individually as soon as a situation of substantial “normality” is re-established, so as to report on the production status of the boat(s) of your relevance and point-out a plausible completion and delivery date, accordingly.
Whilst we thank you for your kind attention, we remain at your disposal for any possible clarification and/or additional information. Best regards